Welcome to the Wolf-Yadlin Laboratory

The goal of our lab is to understand the mechanisms of kinase-mediated signaling at a systems level. The approach we are taking involves the development and application of novel mass spectrometry- and microarray-based methodologies to quantitatively measure dynamic changes of large numbers of signaling proteins of interest. In combination with systematic perturbations of protein expression and function, these tools allow us to use a global approach to determine the connectivity of the RTK-mediated signaling networks and the dynamics of their signaling. In addditon, we draw on well-established high-throughput gene expresion profiling and phenotypic measurements to examine the relationships between signaling dynamics, gene expression, cellular phenotype and disease progression. We then use these quantitative data to develop computational models of cellular signaling and to explore correlations between protein activity and phenotype. Ultimately, we envision that these efforts will allow us to not only elucidate the topology of signaling networks, but to make informed predictions about the most beneficial intervention strategies to regulate a phenotype or ablate a disease.

We aim to foster an interdisciplinary research environment in which biologists, computer scientists and mathematicians can work together to solve exciting new problems.

Email us if you are interested in joining the Wolf-Yadlin laboratory.